The way we view the office today has drastically changed compared to just a couple of years ago. Along with the pandemic came the possibilities of working from home and business as usual looks a little different now. Adapting to the changing workforce will require business owners to think creatively and go for a more un-traditional set up. Many are considering the possibility of combined work: employees will work from home and come to the office as needed. Companies are finding that they no longer need expensive fixed-site offices, and they might even have convertible offices, where not every employee has a personal workplace. Whether you need a traditional office, or a home office set up one thing is for sure. You will want an attractive space that is comfortable, functional, and sanitary.

Working From Home

For a lot of us working from home has become more permanent and people are realizing that they want their home- work space to be not only functional and productive, but comfortable too. Many are no longer using just a portable laptop but are setting up desktops on their desks. They want their desks to accommodate the desktop and any electronics they may need along with general workspace. It is not just about creating a productive space, they want a comfortable seating area too, so they can step away from their work to take an occasional break.

Working From an Office Space

Although working from an office still exists, now it has a new purpose. Productivity goes hand and hand with comfort and functionality. Office designs are smart and eye catching with couches and comfortable chairs for zoom calls, meetings, and general discussions with colleagues.

So, what is a business owner to do now that his workforce has changed drastically?

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