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Choosing the Right Office Chair

No matter if you work at a traditional or home office, your computer chair is a key component of your comfort and productivity. A poor fit may lead to health concerns, whereas the right desk chair can help you stay content and focused throughout the workday. What do You Need to Look For in an […]

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What Does a Typical Office Look Like in 2022?

The way we view the office today has drastically changed compared to just a couple of years ago. Along with the pandemic came the possibilities of working from home and business as usual looks a little different now. Adapting to the changing workforce will require business owners to think creatively and go for a more […]

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Office Furniture to Suit Your Style

Good businesses are always looking for strategic ways to save money. Whether you’re an office manager, the company controller, or even the owner of your business, you know that new furniture can be extremely expensive. Calculating the costs associated with setting up shop can be overwhelming. And for that reason, you may be considering used […]

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Charlotte Used Office Furniture

Charlotte Used Office Furniture Having a business in Charlotte is fabulous. The state of North Carolina finished as the No. 2 state in CNBC’s America’s Top State for Business for 2021. The annual study found that North Carolina scored high in categories like economy and workforce so it seems safe to say that there is […]

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